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Challenge View

Please note that the FP7-4-SD website has been archived on 6 September 2018. The interactive database with its different 'views' is therefore no longer available. To get in touch with the project team please see here.

The Challenge View allows to interactively analyse the data of the monitoring system according to the key challenges and operational objectives of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy (EU SDS) by producing tables and bar charts. This view analyses the whole database thus please allow a few seconds for the chart to load. On this level you can zoom into a specific EU SDS Key Challenge or Operational Objective, see the list of topics and respective projects (by clicking one of the ‘list’ buttons or by clicking on the number of topics in the table), send the chart and table as a PDF file to your e-mail address or apply one or several expert filters to focus the analysis on specific areas of interest. Since each topic might have impacts on more than one operational objective and/or key challenge, topics may be counted more than once in the tables and charts shown below. Thus, please do not add up the sub-totals as this would result in potentially overestimated figures. For a video tutorial explaining the functionality and features of this View, please click on the screenshot on the right or visit the “Video tutorials” section.

Video Challenge View

Low carbon economy

The shift towards a "low carbon economy" is one of the main challenges related to the Europe 2020 strategy’s "sustainable growth" priority, which aims to promote a more resource efficient, greener and more competitive economy.

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Low carbon economy Info Load settings has been produced by the Vienna University of Economics and Business in cooperation with the Technical University Delft, Infras, Ecologic, ISI Fraunhofer and UPK Basel and is updated regularly.

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