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Please note that the FP7-4-SD website has been archived on 6 September 2018. All the interactive functions of the website (including the FP7-4-SD database, registration and login) are therefore no longer available. To get in touch with the project team please see here.

Please use this contact form to get in touch with the project team:

  • General Requests: Before contacting the project team, please consider reading the FAQ section, as your question might have already be answered. In case you still want to get in touch please formulate your question as concretely as possible to make it easier for us to answer it accurately. We will only be able to answer questions about the monitoring system, its background, its data and its results. More general questions (e.g. on the preparatory work on Horizon 2020 or the Europe 2020 strategy) are beyond the scope of this project and will neither be answered nor forwarded.
  • Questions on Technical Issues will be automatically forwarded to our subcontractor (Maystorm GmbH). Please explain the technical problem you encountered as precisely as possible, include the type and version of internet browser you are using and the date and time when the problem occurred.
  • Analysis on Demand: You should order an analysis on demand in case you want to publish analyses or results derived from the to make sure you applied the right filters and your interpretation of the results is correct. Please remember that only policy briefs in the news section are approved for citation and further usage (e.g. in presentations, power points, etc.). You can also order an analysis on demand if you are searching for very specific results and are not able to produce this analysis by using the database on your own. In both cases please describe the analysis you need as precisely as possible and explain the context in which you intend to use it. Ordering an analysis on demand is free of charge.
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